NINGBO VILLE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is a company specialized in research , development and production of transformer and power transformer substation .
Transformer factory Product includes:
Three phase double (three)- winding power transformer, generator power transformer ,auto power transformer, rectifier transformer for each industry, furnace transformer, movable transformer, traction transformer and reactor,power plant auxiliary and standby transformers,transformers for substations of backbone and distribution networks.
transformer for metallurgical companies etc. 
Now we are ready to offer :
*Design,manufacturing,factory testings of transformers,export packing,shipping ,insurance,export custom,transportation of transformers from the factory to port.
* Supply the guide drawings and installation manuals information directions on the method of handling, storage ,mounting and erection of transformers. 
*Supervision of installation ,startup and adjusting tests,putting transformers into operations.
*Delivery of original spare parts,materials and speical technological equipment for repair works. organization and execution of repair works. 
*Training of your personnel subject to service&maintenance of our promises.
*Providing consulting services during all standard service life of transformers.
*Periodic inspection,monitoring and if necessary,providing transformer's current conditions diagnostics.
Main customers:  
power sector compaines,generating companies,transmission network companies,distribution companies,ferrous and nonferrous metallurgical companies ,oil and gas company,railway company,mining companies ,and other industrial and municipal utility companies 
having their own substations.
 Products application:
 Steel plant;Power-fossil fuel plant;Infrastructure- railway;wind power generation ;  hydroelectric plant engineering ;international power generation;power substation transmission and distribution.
Purchasing transformer equipment of VILLE CHINA ,You will also purchase adequate care of your equipment,which helps to preserve the value,appearance and operational capabilities as long as possible.
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