Ningbo Ville Electric Co., Ltd. has established a standardized customer service process by strictly following international quality system ISO9000. It strictly observes contractual requirements and product technical specifications to provide customers with relevant services so as to best satisfy customer needs. Our customer service process has always followed the principle that “Product quality is pioneer backed by service”. We always give clients our best product scheme as fast as possible.

I. Service Process:

  1. Pre-sales Service:
    Following the principle that “Product quality is pioneer backed by service”, we make comprehensive analysis according to client advices and requirements and work out a complete scheme as fast as possible. Then we recommend to our clients the best practical products and introduce the performance of chosen products.
  2. Sale Service:
    Our service staff has strong professional service consciousness. They will continuously contact clients to let them keep pace with production progress. And we manufacture and deliver the goods strictly conforming to contract provisions guaranteeing the quality of goods.
    Our clients can directly consult or complain to our spot project responsible person who will judge whether the problem can be solved at site. For those can be handled at site, he can directly respond to clients; those not suitable for site handling will be transferred to our customer service response centre. The clients can directly present their problems to the centre in writing or through telephone or the spot responsible person can transfer the problems to the centre. The centre will judge the property of problems and hand them to relevant departments.
  3. After Sales Service:
    Ville will provide technical guidance, installation & commissioning methods and matters of attention for free or installation service directly in accordance with customer requirements.
    If the products have quality problems within guarantee period (12 months) under normal storage, delivery, maintenance, operation conditions, we are responsible for free repair or replacement and provide relevant maintenance knowledge; if valves break down or don’t work properly due to customer mal-operation, we will offer paid repair services. We also offer paid repair services for valves beyond guarantee period.
    We will give disposition suggestions within 24 hours and will be at the site to solve the problems within 100 hours. And after the restoration of normal operation the fault reason will be analyzed to confirm the responsibility.
    (1) Offer free installation and commissioning services for sold equipments;
    (2) Train client technicians for free;
    (3) Within guarantee period (1 year) we promise to offer free maintenance and materials in case of equipment failures except artificial damage or force majeur. 
    (4) We provide long-time technical support and we will only charge the cost if door-to-door services are needed beyond guarantee period (within the territory of China).
    (5) We have plenty of wear parts in storage and if clients need to purchase spare parts we can supply in-time.
  4. Assign personnel to specially track the quality feedback from customers, carry out the system of quality feedback sheet and quality tracking card and establish perfect customer feedback response mechanism and system.
  5. Adhere to the service principles:
    (1) provide initiative visiting service to timely solve problems.
    (2) Actively respond to the good suggestions from customers.
    (3) Dispose quality dissensions according to laws and regulations.

 II. Quality Commitment

    The products sold by Ville Electric Co. Ltd. are all provided by excellent suppliers in the industry. The products have been gone through material incoming quality control, production process control and end-product quality control with standardized processes in accordance with ISO international quality system, IEC, IEEE and other national standards. All products will be inspected by our QC department before they are provided to customers. Effective test reports from the manufacturer will be provided. User manuals will be accompany products for customers to follow the operational standards.

III. Supply and Assurance

  1. Spare Parts Storage:
  2. Ville has plenty of wear parts in storage and if clients need to purchase spare parts we can supply in-time. If spares parts are needed during guarantee period, we will supply materials and services for free; but if spare parts and services beyond guarantee period are needed, we will supply charged materials and services.
  3. Service Assurance:
    1) Guarantee period is one year;
    2) Provide Operation and Maintenance manuals;
    3) Within guarantee period (1 year) we promise to offer free maintenance and materials in case of equipment failures except artificial damage or force majeur. 
    4) Hold trainings for customers and maintenance groups regularly with no charge, or actively perform relevant product technical exchange based on customer needs;
    5) During the specified life time, initiatively assist customers to maintain products;
    6) Timely provide new product and new technology information;
    7)  Responsible for debugging the products sold in China with no charge;
    8) Design soundproof solutions for machine rooms for customers with no charge;
    9) Provide upgraded control systems for customers.  


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