Electric Arc Furnace Transformer
Electric Arc Furnace Transformer
Model: HSSPZ-120000/35KV

120MVA Electric Arc Furnace Transformer

The transformer specializes in power supply for various industrial electric furnaces.

Successful installation, testing, commissioning and start up the 125mva 35kv EAF transformer on 2008.

Our company mainly produce the following furnace transformer:
High impedance furnace transformer, DC arc furnace transformer, ladle refining furnace transformer, submerged arc furnace transformer (including ferroalloy furnace tran- sformer, calcium carbide furnace transformer, yellow pho- sphorus furnace transformer,single phase titanim slag furnace transformer etc.), electro slag furnace transformer, frequency induction furnace transformer, single-phase graphite furnace transformer, and includes resistance furnace transformer, EAF transformer and induction furnace transformer.etc.



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