Ladle Furnace transformer
Ladle Furnace transformer
Model: HJSSPZ-40000/35KV

   Ladle transformer is used as ladle power transformer. Using high power electric furnace, the furnace and continuous casting and rolling refining outside "quaternary" process equipment, it is the development direction of Chinas steel enterprises. The process of molten steel is beginning to refine and respectively in two different equipment. To melt and initial adjustment only plays the role of furnace, composition of high power function adequately, increase production capacity of electric arc furnace, improve steel production. However after second time refine the quality of steel was improved highly and easy to adjust ,which greatly improve steel components, expand the varieties of steel ladle, so is being widely used. In the early 1970s introduced from China, ladle, production of similar products also arise, in the 1990s ladle and ladle transformer have developed rapidly, and in 1997 by the industry standard JB/implementation of T8594-1997 "ladle.  participate in the transformation of steel industry, actively develop the ladle transformer production and research work.

Capacity: 1000kva ~40000kva 

Voltage:10kv 35kv 110kv 


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