69KV power transformer
69KV power transformer
Model: SFZ11

 The transformer core of 69kV power transformer is high quality silicon steel, with several layers lapped. It is low loss, low noise, and anti-shortcut etc. Now it is wildly used in power station, power plant, and gets high praise from them. In 1997, SFSZ9-31500/69 on-load voltage-regulated transformer has passed the test by ministry of mechanical industry.

Main functions and characters:

• Bell type tank and the wave form shell.; Increase the strength of oil box, beautiful appearance;
• Core is with D shape yoke, 45 angle seaming;
• Core and oil box are well fixed and well protected on moving;
• Reasonable wrapping method, in the interior and exterior structure of coil; use support; hard paper bucket between coils increases the capacity of anti-shortcut;
• Advanced assembling method such as cold pressing and welding technology, installing with sets of coil, paper bucket production.



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