Distribution Transformer with Three-Dimensional Wound Core
Distribution Transformer with Three-Dimensional Wound Core
Model: S11-M. RL

Distribution transformer General:
S11-M. RL, Three Phase Distribution Transformer with three-dimensional wound core is a new type hi-tech and high energy-saving product. Compared with series S9, 80% of no-load current and 30-40% of no-load loss can be decreased, 8-13dB in noise level can be reduced. It is applicable for distribution, power supply and lighting in industrial, agricultural, mineral, petrochemical fields.

Three Phase Stereoscopic Scroll Iron Core Distribution Transformer
  S11-M.RL Three phase Stereoscopic Scroll iron Core Distribution Transformer is the product of new type high technology and high save energy. Compared with S9, S11-M.RL's no-load current hangs down 70-80% and no-load loss reduction 30-40% and noise reduces 8-10dB. It is extensively suitable in factory, mines, petroleum chemical industry and the distribution of industry and agriculture, motive force and illumination, and especially is suitable in the power supply place of higher requirement.
 The iron core is three phase stereos scroll iron core structure which combined by three single-frame scroll iron core. 
The direction of silicon steel block rolling is the same as the magnetic route direction, three single-frame iron core are
 opposite independence, three-phase magnetic route are the same distance and does not have the magnetic field 
distortion in plane scroll iron core triangle area. Iron core pillar and yoke section is close to round and the HV and LV
circle directly winds on the iron core, and the fuel tank is the bucket type fuel tank of approximate triangle. It possess
the merits of strong resisting short circuit ability, small no-load current, low noise, small volume, light weight and low
temperature rising. The technology quota is advanced, structure is unique and the appearance is exquisite .
Normal service condition:

Elevation height less than 1000m
Environmental temperature
Max. Temperature +40 oC
Max. Daily average temperature: +30 oC
Max. Annual average temperature +20 oC
Min. Temperature -30 oC
Operation environment outdoor
Symmetry of multi-phase power source
Three-phase power sources shall be almost symmetrical.

1. Three-dimensional wound core consists of three core limbs whose cross-section is close to circle. Magnetic circuit in three phase is totally symmetrical and identical, which shortens the yokes but makes factor of core limb bigger.
2. After annealing, internal stress can be removed thoroughly for three-dimensional wound core. There is no higher magnetic reluctance everywhere in its circuit, so no-load loss and energizing current can be decreased greatly. The test shows that more than 80% of no-load current and 30-40% of no-load loss can be decreased.
3. Only fewer joint caused by continuous wound core, there should no noise occurred due to the blocking inside the magnetic circuit of stacking core. In such way, 8-13dB in noise level can be reduced, which is almost in the state of noise silence.
4. Triangle tank is used for such transformer so it is smaller than the normal one. In a word, it is impact, small size with artistic appearance

Ordering Notes:
1. Rated capacity
2. Rated voltage (L. V. &H. V. )
3. Vector group
4. Impedance voltage
5. Tapping range
6. Phase number
7. Frequency
8. Cooling way
9. Protection grade
10. Special requirement

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