Buried undergroundTransformer
Buried undergroundTransformer
Model: S11-MD

  Buried Distribution Transformer
Features: S11-MD-underground distribution transformer core cold-rolled silicon steel miter joints using low-loss step-stack from the system. High and low voltage coil using cylindrical and spiral wound structure. Transformer low voltage side of the watertight box structure using high-pressure side of the head with waterproof cable products with anti-pollution, water and strong, no-load current, low noise, low loss, low temperature characteristics, the product can be charged continuously run for a certain time soaking advantages. Advanced technical indicators, unique structure, exquisite appearance, is particularly suitable for a water environment such as underground tunnels of a high-tech, high-performance energy-saving products.

The transformers can be buried underground in pits ,and can meet the needs of single ring high -voltage power supply,applies to long distances but small loading system ,such as roads ,bridges,and tunnels.




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