Oil immersed sealed power transformer 10kv
Oil immersed sealed power transformer 10kv
Model: S9-M-10/30~2500KVA

 S9-M-10/30~1600KVA Three phase Oil-immersed Sealed Transformer is used in 10KV,50HZ, power transmission and distribution system for power distribution in industrial and agricultural fields, power supply and lighting.

1. Energy saving
    In comparison with old type of S7, the average no-load power loss of S9 decreases 10.25%, the no-load current decreases
37.9%, and the average operation cost decreases 18.9% than the old type.
2. Long service life 
    Transformer oil tank is fully sealed. The oil tank and its edge shall be connected by bolts or welded. The transformer oils 
never touch with air, so it can extend service life.
3. High reliability
    Some sealing parts of transformer oil tank have been improved and a higher process has been applied in sealing, so 
reliability should be guaranteed.
4. Small area occupied
    A kind of corrugated-plate radiator applied in S9-M Transformers, through thermal-expansion and shrinking of the 
corrugated-plate while oil temperature changes, it could be instead of oil storage box. The shape of corrugated-plate radiators 
is beautiful and occupies a small area.
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