Scoll Iron Core Distribution Transformer
Scoll Iron Core Distribution Transformer
Model: S11-R

 Three Phase Scroll Iron Core Distribution Transformer

    S11-R-10kv  30~500KVA, 10KV there phase scroll iron-immersed transformer is used in 10KV, 50HZ, power transmission and lighting in works, residential area, countryside, etc.
1. Lower no-load loss, no-load current, low noise level
    No welded joint scroll iron is made into bent strip materials, one strip for each grade and no welded joint between each 
grade. It is a radius no magnetic flux cross passing through silicon steel plates. It is of small no load power loss, no load 
current, low noise than that of the kind of folds iron cores, Iron loss will decrease 20~30% and no load current decrease 
50~70% than the folds iron core types.
2. Better short circuit resistant ability 
    High voltage coils is directly wound on low voltage coils, and low voltage coils is directly wound on iron core. Tow coils 
are of good co-axial, which reduce the radius force of short circuit. So it is of better short circuit resistant ability.
3. High mechanization level is good for product quality
Iron core is made by silicon steel plate sheared into strips by longitudinal shear and wound by winding machine. There are
only three steps of annealing process in a vacuum anneal oven and all of these steps are mechanization for eliminating
factitious factor directly to the product quality and good for quality control and improvement. Meanwhile it improves 
production efficiency and reduces the labor strength.
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