Scoll Iron Core sealed Distribution Transformer
Scoll Iron Core sealed Distribution Transformer
Model: S11-MR


Three Phase Scroll Iron Core Sealed Distribution Transformer
 S11-M.R Three Phase Scroll Iron Core Sealed Distribution Transformer is used in 10kV, 50Hzor 60Hz power transmission and distribution system in industrial and agricultural fields, for power supply distribution and lighting in works, residential area, countryside, etc. Adopting the advanced technology of core wounded, possesses the feature of new structure, no welded joint, low noise, low power loss, beautiful appearance and small volume, etc.
S11-M.R three phase scroll iron core sealed distribution transformer is a kind of energy saving product designed and 
Developed in 1980s. lt features advanced process, high technology, leading technical data, new structure, beautiful shape and
small area occupied, etc.
1、Core is wound by silicon steel plate trips, no welded joint annular closed structure. 
2、High and low voltage coils are directly wound on the iron core with better co-axial and good short circuit resistant ability.
3、Because of special structure of iron core, and it is wound by crystal high quality cold silicon steel plate and annealed. This type of
 S11-M.Rtransformer makes no load loss with decreasing of 30%, no load current decreasing of 70% and noise decreasing of 8 decibel
 in comparison with the same capacity of type S9 transformer.
4、A kind of corrugated-plate oil tank applied in this type of transformer, so oil storage box is not necessary. The elastically adjusting 
of the corrugated-plate could adjust the changes of the oil volume causing by temperature change. There will be a good isolation 
between transformer oil and air, so it could expand its service life.
5、Because of corrugated-plate oil tank applied in, the area occupied shall be small and it will have a beautiful shape.
6、Iron core is processed by mechanization, which reduce labor strength and improve quality. And quality will be stable.
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