three phase double winding 20kv distribution transformers
three phase double winding 20kv distribution transformers
Model: S11-M-20/30~2500KVA

 20kv three phase double winding distribution transformer with off load tap changer 

It adopts advanced electromagnetic design software,and meets IEC60076,GB1094,GB/T6451,GB/T25289-2010 standards,without such device like conservator,air breather...,so it ensures that the transformer oil is not in contact with air,improving the anti-oxidation capacity of the transformer oil and delaying its aging. the core is made of high quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheet,with laminated structure miter joint,so as to reduce the no-load losses and no-load current. the tank is a corrugated type,the corrugated fins can swell and shrink with the change of transformer oil,so that the pressure can be maintained inside the tank,increase its reliablility and anti-corrosion capacity.the coil of distribution transformer,wound by high intensity enameled wrapped conductors with good ampere-turn balance and reasonable insulation structure. has a strong short-circuit withstand capacity.the distribution transformer adopts the free-untanking structure. with sealing material parts made of high quality acrylic rubber,it can effectively prevent againest ligh-aging and heat-aging.

Capacity: 30~2500kva 

Voltage :20± 5% or ± 2x2.5%  LV:0.4KV 

Vender group:Yyn0 or Dyn11

Impedance:5.5%, 6%

the loss value also apply to high voltage double voltage 20(10) three phase transformers.



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