Amorphous Alloy Transformer
Amorphous Alloy Transformer
Model: SBH15-10/30-1600KVA

Amorphous alloy transformer 
Its core is amorphous alloy. The amorphous alloy is with relatively high magnet induction intensity, low coercive force, low loss, low stimulated magnetic current, and stability with temperature changes. Amorphous alloy transformer, comparing to the silicon steel S9 series transformers, the empty loading loss decreases 78-80%, empty loading current decreases 50%. Its energy saving effect is very visible, it is a energy saving, environmental protection and high efficient transformer.


Main functions and characters:

Core is with three phases, four frames, and 5 columns.
Use Dyn11 to connect other parts as vector , reduce the influences by network wave, improve the power supply.
Oil box is sealed, free from maintenance. Box is sealed, free from maintenance.
Empty loading loss is only 20% of S9 type transformers, empty loading current is only 50% of S9 transformer.



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