Enclosed Combination Substation
Enclosed Combination Substation
Model: ZBW20(JBW)-12

General :

fully-sealed impact Prefabricated Substation is a kind of integrated complete power transmission and distribution equipment , used in 10kV, AC50Hz power transmission and distribution system with a transformer rated capacity of 50-1600kVA. It is widely used in outdoor power supply fields, such as residential zone, factory and mining ,hospital, hotel, part, oil field, airport, wharf, railway, shopping store, and other temporary facilities, etc.

    This product can be used not only in a close-ring-net for power distribution, but also in transformation power net for terminal power supply.  

 Feature :

      Combined with advantage of pad-mounted substation and the prefabricated substation, the  product owns advantages as followings:
      1. External appearance is similar to that of pad-mounted substation, less occupied area, not so high, impact structure.
      2. SF6 RUM is used in the H.V. side to prevent from mal-operation and oil ageing, which improves the reliability of operation and reduces maintenance.
      3. Steel sheet or compound sheet can be used for enclosure, so it will be pretty in various types.

Features:  With a combination advantages of American-type    prefabricated substation and European-type prefabricated   substation, its HV part and transformer could be divided.

      High voltage side is equipped with HXGN26 SF6 type RMU switchgear. It could prevent missing phase operation, so it will lift up opration reliability. It  also owns advantages of less maintenance, a complete protection capacities against error opration and its overload capacity could reach up to 120%.

      Varied materials could be chose as enclosure materials, such as aluminum alloy plate, steel plate, steel plate, compound plate, etc. Its shape will be beautiful with varied types and sizes.

Technical parameter :

Capacity : 30 - 1250kVA ;
H.V. side :
      Rated voltage : 12kV;
      Rated current : 630A;
      Rated short-time withstand current of load switch25kA/2s;
      Rated short-circuit breaking current : 31.5, 40kA (fuser);
L. V. side :
      Rated voltage : 0.4kV;
      Rated current of main switch : 200- 2500A

Ordering Notes :

      1. Type of substation
      2. Type of transformer
      3. H.V/ L.V. wiring mode, type and parameters of chosen elements
      4. Regarding to enclosure color, if there is no special requirement by customer, it would be dark green.
      5. If any requirement is put forwarded by customer, it can be discussed while ordering.

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