Combination transformer Substation
Combination transformer Substation
Model: ZBW3-40.5

 General :
 combination transformer substation is 400-20000kVA outdoor equipment in 35kV high voltage and 0.4-10kV low voltage with three phase AC 50Hz . It is applicable for transmitting, transforming and distributing energy in city, countryside, town, factory, oil field, wharf and some large construction sites. 

Feature :
     1.Short period building,  less occupied area ,little investment ;
      2.Movable, low waste and convenient installation & operation;
      3. High reliability;
      4. Aluminum alloy sheet (colorful compound sheet) is used for enclosure to prevent from corrosion and sunshine radiation;
      5. Fitted with temperature control device and anti-condensation device inside cubicle;
      6. Automatic equipment can be mounted;
      7.Optional communication equipment can be mounted;

Technical parameter :

Ordering Notes :

      1.Type of substation;
      2.Type of transformer;
      3.H.V/ L.V. wiring mode, type and parameters of chosen elements;
      4.Regarding to enclosure color, if there is no special requirement by customer, it would be dark green;
      5.If any requirement is put forwarded by customer, it can be discussed while ordering.
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