Wind Power Transformer substation With a Modular
Wind Power Transformer substation With a Modular
Model: ZGS-Z.F-/35

 with a combined wind power transformer is a step-up transformer, high voltage current limiting fuse, load switch, voltage switch and the corresponding auxiliary equipment in one of the special electrical equipment. It issued 0.69kV wind turbine voltage increased to 35kV, after 35kV cable line up the output power. Is ideal for wind power generation system equipment.

35kV wind generator combined transformer substation is developed and reached specially for wind power plant. it's a step-up transformer . this cabinet combined with transformer,switch disconnector,high voltage fuse,and low voltage electric equipments.

  1, sealed, safe and reliable products using the new S9/35kV series technology, reasonable structure, high reliability.
  2, small size, compact structure, prefabricated substation for the common 1 / 3 to reduce the footprint.
  3, strong overload capacity.
  4, box using a special process, the two paint treatment, with good corrosion resistance, can effectively prevent the erosion of sand.
  5, users can request the use of high light oil, to eliminate fire hazards.

  1) Voltage
High-pressure side of the rated voltage: 35kV, 36.75kV, 38.5kV
Low side voltage: 0.69kV, 0.62kV
2) Rated frequency: 50Hz
3) Rated insulation level
Transformer high side: power frequency withstand voltage: 85Kv; shock peak voltage: 200kV (full wave)
Transformer low voltage side: power frequency withstand voltage: 5kV
4) Phase: three phase

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