transformer resistance capacitance filter absorption and over-voltage protection device
transformer resistance capacitance filter absorption and over-voltage protection device
Model: 10~110KV TY ZR-D

 the pollution of grid harmonic and the all kinds of over-voltage hazards is increasingly severe in our country. The current application filtering device which have big volume, the high cost and the installation of inconvenience and the grid threats still cannot effectively solving. However, the product is a new filter device which based on the principle of resistance-capacitance sensitive characteristics  and has the features such as the lower cost,the smaller volume and easy to popularize. This product is a new practical patent products and especially for the protection below 35KV voltage grade transformer which has two levels for protection, the first adopts TY - ZR - D resistance let absorption filter in the grid filter from harmful harmonic, and the second makes use of TY - RCA30 - R composite over-voltage protector to effectively limits of over-voltage, thus ensuring the transformer safety operation. Our company use two patents products of TY - ZR - D type filters and TY - RCA30 - I type composite over-voltage protector in 35KV transformer complete protection device, and to realize the comprehensive protection for the transformer, many years of practice has proved very effective, and got the favor from the masses of users.

TY-ZR-D type resistance-capacitance absorption filter 1、Product use TY-ZR-D type resistance-capacitance absorption filter are mainly used in high voltage distribution network. It is a comprehensive protection device for transformer which can avoid the harm of over-voltage and the harmonic and provide a reliable guarantee for transformer hang net running.

TY-RCA30-I type compound over-voltage protector 1、Product use Vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum contactor is easy to product intercepting over-voltage, multi-reburning over-voltage and three phase simultaneity dropout over-voltage. The effective protection equipment for this vacuum circuit breaker to operate over-voltage is RC protector, but the resistance-capacitance absorber has defect in lightning protection. Despite the lightning protection of lightning protector, it has the defect for the high-frequency operating over-voltage of protection vacuum circuit breaker. 

TY-RCA30-I type compound over-voltage protector is a new product developed by our company which has characteristic such as good effect of protection and the reliably quality safety. It is the combination the functions of the resistance-capacitance absorber and lighting protector and the special equipment of the effective protection for operation over-voltage and atmospheric over-voltage above mentioned. It provides a comprehensive guarantee for safety operation of the electrical equipment and can be widely used in vacuum circuit breaker operation of motor, reactor, transformer and power circuit. 

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