Resin casting dry transformer
Resin casting dry transformer
Model: SCB11

 Resin Insulation Dry Transformer feature:

SC(B)9,SC(B)10,SC(B)11 Three Phase Resin Insulation Dry Type Power Transformer is the new dry type transformer of low power loss and low noise, in the base of advanced manufacturing equipment and technology imported from German and it imported advanced manufacturing equipment and technology again from Europe. So it owns the advantages of low power loss, small volume, light-weight, low noise, moisture proof, pollution proof, antic rack, impulse resist, flameproof, strong overload ability and less partial electric release, etc. The product is suitable in structure, it is convenient in use and guardianship. After providing temperature auto-test System in transformer, it process the ability of alarm in over-temperature, automatic tripping in over temperature. And auto use or stop machine, it provides guarantee in safety running of transformer. The product is suitable for transmit and transform system, hotel, restaurant, high buildings, commercial centers, stadium, petroleum chemical factory, underground railway, station, airport and well drilling platform on sea, etc. It specially suitable for load centre and the place specially need fire proof.

     SC(B)11 Three Phase Resin Insulation Dry Type Power Transformer is improved and heighten in the base of SC(B)10. The notable different is the Power load loss of SC(B)11 is dropping 15% than SC8, 20% in power no-load loss.
 Capacity: 30~2500kva 
Voltage grade: 10kv 
Tapping Range: ±2x2.5%
Number of phase:three phase 
Frequency: 50Hz
Connection symbol:Dyn11;Yyn0;
Impedance voltage: 4%;6%


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