Dry transformer
Dry transformer
Model: SGB10;SGB11

SGB10 Ventilation dry transformer 

  H grade OVDT series SG(B)10 opens wide the ventilation type dry type transformer of  research and development chooses H and Cs’ such as Nomex, Cequin and Tufauin etc. Which produced by DUPONTE and QUIN-T corporation who tests the attestation by American UL insurance,180oC-220oC insulation system who passes optimization design possesses extinguishes and hinders to burn and hard burns even to the extent burn and the merit or safe capability.

  At the same time, having used at present advanced VIP’s vacuum impregnation technology, spool whole soaks with ET-90 H grade modified heart-resisting not saturation polyester resin hinder to burn, so the paint membranes is even, bright, strong adhesive force, not crack, small part discharge and high whole mechanical strength and insulation ability, it is suitable in the environment of moist ,salt and fog etc. heavily degree pollutes, endure waiting capability is excellent.
  According to the SG(B)10 series OVDT products with its advanced performance standards and reliable safety such as low loss and noise, and small part discharge etc. It is widely used in the load center who required high fireproof safety and environmental protection, such as tour sight spot, commercial affairs center ,shopping center , resident area,  airport, subway, hospital and wharf etc.
Capacity: 30~2500KVA 
Voltage grade: 11,10,6.6 ,6.3/0.4KV
Tapping Range: ±5%;±2x2.5%
Frequency: 50HZ;60HZ
Number of Phase: Three phase 
Connection Symbol:Yyn0;Dyn11
Relative Humidity: 90%
Cooling type: AN/AF
Insulation grade: H grade
Insulation level:LI75AC35
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