Transformer Protection and Monitoring Device
Transformer Protection and Monitoring Device
Model: Rcx-972

Suitable for protecting transformer directly transforming 35KV, 10KV, 6KV to 380V; It has measurement, control, operation and communication functions; It can be integrated in a single panel or separated in a switchgear. It is suitable for medium and small size transformers of general electricity department, industrial and mining enterprises.
Main function:
Protection----quick break, time limited quick break, non-electricity, slight gas alarm, heavy gas tripping, overcurrent, low voltage tripping. Busbar earthing alarm, PT broken line alam, overload alarm and tripping, zero sequence overcurrent (zero sequence overcurrent, zero sequence voltage interlocking, zero sequence direction, zero sequence tripping).
Metering and monitoring----busbar voltage: Uab, Ubc, Uca, Ua, Ub, Uc; Power: P, Q, Cos. Frequency: F; Measuring current: Ia, Ib, Ic.
Auxiliary----Fault wave recording; Manual breaking and closing; Remote controlled breaking and closing; Control circuit breaking.
Communication method:
485 communication; Ethernet and optical fiber
900 series microcomputer comprehensive protection device includes main transformer protection series, generator protection series, load protection series, auxiliary protection series and comprehensive protection series.

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