smelting/ graphitizing rectifier transformer
smelting/ graphitizing rectifier transformer
Model: ZHSFPT-12600/66

 Characteristic of rectifier transformer:

(I)Extensive application range, we can design rectifier transformer used in kinds of rectifier as bridge type rectifier, inverse star shape rectifier, etc.
(II)Rectifier transformer used in special occasion or in special load condition can be manufactured as per special requirement of users. We possess the capability of designing complex rectifier transformer combining main transformer, tapping transformer, saturation reactor and neutral point reactor group together.
(III)Static shield is set between HV and LV of main transformer, which can better control the field intensity of main insulation, and improve the reliability of product. 
(IV)Optimization to layout of large current leading wire on valve side, reduce the voltage drop caused by reactance to Minimum.
(V)Adopting way of laying magnetic shield to large current leading wire to protect structure element from partial over-heat caused by strong magnetic leakage.
(VI)Position of outgoing terminal can be arranged and designed as per special requirement of users. 
(VII)With beautiful appearance.
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