Butterfly transformer valve
Butterfly transformer valve
Model: BD-80


The products that coupled with electrical alarm signal realize remote control. It apt for electrical equipments such as gas or liquid insulate transformer,instument

transformers, on-load-tap channel switch, high voltage switch etc.

●Once there’s something wrong in such electrical equipments, valve open and relieve the pressure to avoid oil basin from metamorphose and   blowout.

●With the pressure reduced the valve automatically closed to prevent water and impurity got in from outside.

*. Working conditions and install mode

 Environment temperature - 30℃~40℃.

● Installation site  

a) Install in the  oil basin to cover

b) Install in the  oil basin to  sidepiece upside

c) Install in lift pedestal Alarm and Enviroment  

(a)“Common” of switch towards “Normal open”: “Normal open” should turn to “Normal closed”;

(b)“Common” of switch towards “Normal closed”: “Normal closed” should turn to “Normal open”;

(c)Examine the signal switch and control circuit connect whether right and good. l Attention: The small red hat must be replacement after test over, insure that the pressure releasing valve normal working and warning. 

Latching should operate strictly according to caution requirement; insure that the pressure releasing valve normal working. l When install, accessory、 parts of the pressure releasing valve shouldn’t be arbitrium teardown. l When equipment run, as if releasing valve turn on result in the instruction pole up, replace the instruction pole by hand before find out reason, unchain warning alarm.  

*. Maintenance and Inspection Make use of the power-off time during maintenance of the pressure releasing valve: l If turn on action sensitive? If there is block or stop up should eliminate. l If the sealing gaskets are aged or deformed or damaged? l If accessory、 parts whether metamorphose or wear off.

If the signal switch whether operate sensitive?

*.How to Make Order l The customer should be appropriate prepare several pressure releasing valve to switchover during maintenance. l Product’s every exam and repairing, after teardown should change new sealing element, the sealing after teardown do not suitable continue to use. l Please specify the model, opening pressure, caliber of oil-gushing, mode of signal, using environment, quantity and switch down-lead length(If no indication, then no down-lead.)


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