Job Description 35kv furnace transformer deigner

Job Description
Job Nature: Full time Job Category: Transformer Design
Cooperate with the sales department to provide project quotations, technical solutions, and drawings confirmation, jointly create a million dollar performance and achieve the dream of high income.
Job requirements
Education: College degree or above Work experience: Fresh graduate or above Age: 20-60 years old Gender: unlimited Driver's license: not required
1. College degree or above
2. Having an enterprising and enterprising spirit that is not willing to be mediocre, diligent and dedicated, creative, and willing to challenge the limits
3. Having good expression skills and affinity, good at communication and exchange
4. Have teamwork spirit and customer service awareness;
Related benefits
Salary: Interview
Provide: Endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, housing provident fund, year-end bonus, employee travel training
Other welfare benefits:
1. No responsibility base salary (2300-6000 yuan) Social security bonus paid training
2. Fair and just promotion space, broad development stage

Time:2023-05-11 14:42
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