1500kvar 750v Electrothermal capacitor,Electric capacitor for improving power factor of induction heating 14.62uf 
Rated power :1500KVAR
Rated Voltage: 750V 
Rated frequency: 500HZ
Rated Current: 2000A
Approximate Weight: 28kg

Electrothermal capacitor,Electric capacitor for improving power factor of induction heating

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The capacitors are applicable to the controlled or adjustable AC voltage system with the nominal voltage not more than 4KV and the frequency of 50KHz and below. It is specially used to improve the power factor or circuit characteristics of induction heating, melting, stirring or casting devices, and similar applications.


1 the capacitor is mainly composed of shell, connecting rod and core.

2 the shell is made of aluminum plate by bending welding. The capacitor core is installed in the shell, which is filled with insulating oil with excellent electrical performance. The supports for installation and lifting are welded at both ends of the shell, and the wiring guide rod sealed with silicone rubber and supported by porcelain sleeve is installed on the shell cover.

3 the capacitor core is composed of several dozens of components, which are assembled as a whole through insulation pad and splint according to the design method, and the cooling water pipe is directly welded with the element plate.

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