10kV/20KV Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer

Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer

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Product model: DH15-M or D11-M Rated Voltage:10kV/(0.22~0.24) or 2×(0.22~0.24) kV (or the voltage proposed by the user)  Tapping range: ±5%; ±2*2.5%  Frequency: 50Hz  Vector group: II0 or II6   Operation environment: outdoor In order to meet the various demands of customers, the Company has design D11-M and DH15-M two series single phase fully-sealed transformer. D11-M transformer adopts laminated core and is characterized by low loss, low noise level and others; DH15-M transformer adopts amorphous alloy core which further reduces the no-load losses of the transformer. Table below specifies technical parameters and dimensions of the two series of transformers.

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