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35KV Dry Type Power Transformer

35KV 3-Class Cast Resin Dry Type Power Transformer with off-circuit tap changer

Before Ordering,Pls confirm the technical specification with our sales first! 

  • Rated capacity: 20MVA; Rated voltage and tapping range: 35±3x2.5%/10.5kV; Rated frequency: 50Hz; Cooling method: AN; phase: 3-phase: Vector group: Yd11; Insulation level: HV wiring terminals: LI/AC 170/70 LV wiring terminals: LI/AC 75/35 Main property of the product: Impedance voltage: 10%, with stipulated tolerance in national standard; No-load loss: 21kW; No-load current: 0.3%; Load loss: 85kW; Total loss: 106kW Insulation and thermal resistance: H grade; the temperature rise is designed at F level, coil<100K, Noise level: ≤62dB (1m) Partial discharge: ≤10pC

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