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Rectifier transformer for Metallurgical Industry

Rectifier transformer for metallurgical Industry

Before Ordering,Pls confirm the technical specification with our sales first! 

  • Brief Description:

    The products in this section are oil-immersed special transformer, used in three phase,50Hz,110kV and below 110kV power system, are main power equipment in metallurgical industry,chemical industry, which transform power system voltage into multi-phase AC voltage that rectifier need and change to DC power through rectifier for electrochemical, DECM, electroplate, excitation, traction,etc. the below mentioned equipment are mainly used in the field of Metal electrolytic (such as aluminum, manganese, copper,zinc,etc), chlor-alkali and graphitization,etc.

    Model and its meaning

    ZH------------ZB means general industry),(ZH means Electrochemical electrolysis ,ZD means electroplate,ZT means frequency control of motor speed,

    S--------------S means three-phase,D means single-phase

    F------------F means wind cooling,S means water cooling,no word means natural cooling

    P-----------P means  Oil forced circulation, no word means  oil natural cooling

    T----------Z means with On-load tapping changer,T means with regulating voltage , no word means no tap changer or off-circuit tap changer

    K-------- K means in the tank built-in interphase reactor, if without K means without built-in interphase reactor

    B--------- B means in the tank built-in saturable reactor, if without B means without built-in saturable reactor

    630000-----------KVAmeans rated capacity, normally show the primary capacity according to actual capacity.

    /110 --------------- means rated voltage at primary side


    Product structure characteristics:

    Iron core: adopts High quality cold rolled oriented silicon steel sheet, All - diagonal multi - step ladder joint,tied up without hole, clipped the Stainless steel drawplate with glass tape tightly.

    Coil: winded with non - oxygen copper rod squeezed electromagnetic wire wrapped with high quality paper, insulate the terminal by using company patent parts, multilayer brush stack end ring, to improve transformer short circuit withstand capability. Adopts epoxy plates pressing device and increases the quantity of press button and stud to improve the mechanical strength of the coil.

    Oil tank: corrugated tank, no lifting core structure, the mechanical strength is high and appearance is beautiful. We have open top type,bell type and semi-bell type,etc. the oil tank has foundation which conforms to national rail distance standard and provide trolley for installation according to any customer’s civil working requirements. The low voltage outlet busbar adopts company patent big current Groove type outlet terminal to avoid leakage.

    Safety protection device: according to relevant state and industrial standard, transformer can be equipped with oil conservator, gas relay, pressure relief valve, thermometer, oil sampling valve and various gas vent and oil filling valves.

    Main executive standards:

    GB/T 18494.1-2001----------------------------------------- Industrial converter transformer


    JB/T 8636-1997------------------Power converter transformer

    JB/DQ2113-1984----------------Rectifying transformer for electrochemistry

    GB1094-1996---------------------Power transformer

    GB10230-1988--------------------On-load tap changer

    GB/T311.1-1997------------------Insulation coordination of HV electric transmission and transformation equipment

    GB/T56011-1992------------------Quality class of oil-immersed power transformer

    GB/T6451-1999--------------------Technical parameters and requirements of Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer


    Please provide and confirm the following parameters when placing order:

    1. Primary voltage
    2. DC voltageUdn/ currentUdnneeded when rectifying.
    3. Rectifying method and phase number,
    4. Voltage regulating method
    5. Cooling method and power

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