Ferroalloy Furnace Transformer with off-circuit tap changer
Voltage: 10kv /35kv /110kv 
Capacity: 2.5MVA-16MVA

Ferroalloy Furnace Transformer with off-circuit tap changer

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Technical parameters:
10MVA 35KV arc furnace transformer
Capacity: 10MVA 
Connection Symbol: Yd11
Primary Voltage(kV): 35
Secondary Voltage(V): 300-160
Regulation Voltage Step: 13
Type of tapping: On-load
Short-circuit Impedance(%): 8.5
No-load Loss(kw): 12
On-load Loss(kw): 97
Weight(Ton): Active Part 13.1  Oil 7.1  Transportion 23 Total 26

Main function and characteristic:
 Electric furnace transformers are transformers which supply power to the electric furnaces. It can drop high 
voltage to the working voltage the electric furnaces need.

There are many kinds of electric furnaces,so there are many kinds of electric furnace transformers cooperating 
with them.Now,our company manufactures following electric furnace transformers:electric furnace transformers 
used in steelelectric furnaces(including on-laod,no-load and enclosed reactor) ; mineral hot furnace 
transformers used to smelt kinds of iron alloys,hydrosilicons,carbides,etc(single phase,three phases on-load 
and no-load tap changer).They are low loss and energy-saving products.Cooling methods are self-cooling, 
forced oil water cooling, etc.It can be designed specially according with customers' requirements.

The model of the electric furnace transformer is expressed as follows:
The meaning of model:
H--Steelmaking arc furnace,HJ--ladle furnace,HZ--electro-slag furnace,HC--calcium carbide furnace,HK--
mineral hot furnace,HG--line frequency induction furnace;

Number of phase:D--single phase,S--three phase;

Types of cooling device :ONAN,wind cooling F,water cooling S.

The methods of oil circulation:natural circulation,forced oilcirculation P.

Tap changer:off-circuit tap changer,OLTC Z.

Enclosed attached device:changing leakage flux,enclosed reactor K.

Rated capacity:KVA.

Voltage class:KV.Capacity:10MVA 

Regulation Voltage Step:13



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