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XGT1-40.5 box type fixed AC metal enclosed switchgear


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  • XGT1 (XGN59) - 40.5 box type fixed AC metal enclosed switchgear is a complete indoor power distribution device with three-phase AC 50 Hz and rated voltage 40.5 kV. As the use of receiving and distributing electric energy, it can control, protect and detect the circuit, and it can also be used to control the place of frequent operation. The bus is a single bus system.

    Product features

    a. Novel structure and small volume

    The main switch and disconnector of the product are all optimized, and the overall layout is ingenious, novel and compact. The integrated ZN12 vacuum circuit breaker is adopted. The upper disconnector is 45 degree inclined, and the lower disconnector is inverted.

    b. Easy operation and labor saving

    The disconnector used in this product is a new type of disconnector developed by ourselves. Its dynamic and static contacts are duck beak type structure, and the static contacts are designed as swing type multi contacts, which have the characteristics of good contact, low wear, large heat dissipation area, small operating torque, etc. At the same time, the operating mechanism is installed on the left side in front of the cabinet, and the height from the ground is reasonable, which is suitable for ordinary people to operate.

    c. The interlock is simple and reliable

    The disconnector in the product adopts integrated manual operating mechanism, which can well meet the needs of "operation interlocking self-locking" of disconnector and grounding switch in fixed parallel opening equipment, and realize mandatory mechanical locking with front door. The front of the cabinet can be equipped with live display device; the rear cabinet can be equipped with electromagnetic lock to lock the rear cabinet door.

    d. Easy maintenance:

    The product has enough space for maintenance and installation of the components inside.




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