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Mvnex armored central AC metal enclosed switchgear


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  • This product is suitable for 3-10kV three-phase AC 50 Hz single bus and single bus section power system, for power plants, substations and distribution rooms of industrial and mining enterprises to receive and distribute electric energy, and has the functions of control, protection and monitoring of the circuit. In addition to being widely used in general power system, it can also be used in places with frequent operation. The service environment shall be in accordance with the normal service conditions specified in GB3906-2006 "3 ~ 35kV AC metal enclosed switchgear".

    Product features

    1. The cradle for the installation of the circuit breaker imported from France saves the positioning fixture and adjustment work during the installation of the circuit breaker, and ensures the complete interchangeability of the circuit breaker and the interlocking accuracy of the whole switch cabinet.

    2. The novel design of the circuit breaker chassis car can easily complete the moving operation of the circuit breaker, and skillfully realize the five prevention mechanical interlocking function required by the national standard.

    3. The unique classification handle can effectively prevent and prevent the mechanical interlock from being damaged.

    4. There is no need to memorize by rote, and the operation is guided by color graphics.

    5. Quality assurance: the whole set is imported from France.

    6. The operation of circuit breaker and grounding switch is driven by lead screw, and the operation can be completed with the same anti reverse operation handle, which is simple, light, safe and reliable.

    7. The unique design of anti reverse operation handle prevents the operator from pulling out the arc in case of accident, limits the fault in the bud, and avoids the further expansion of the accident.

    8. The operation panel of grounding switch has rich functions and simple design, with various lock mounting holes reserved.

    Item Description Unit Value
    1 Rated voltage kV 12
    2 Rated insulation level    
     --Power frequency withstand voltage(50Hz 1min) kV 42
     --Lightning impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50 μs) kV 75
    3 Rated current   630 1250 2500 3150630 1250 2500 3150
    --Busbar A
    --Circuit breaker A
    4 Rated thermal stability withstand current(4S) kV 25   31.5   40
    5 Rated peak withstand current kV 63   80    100
    6 Protection level    
     --Housing   IP4X
     --Cabinet   IP2X



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