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KYN10-40.5 armored removable AC metal enclosed switchgear


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  • Kyn10-40.5 AC metal enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is an indoor complete set of three-phase AC 50 Hz single bus system, which is used to receive and distribute 35 kV network power.

    Product features

    The switch cabinet belongs to armored structure. The cabinet has two forms of welding and assembling, which are composed of cabinet and handcart. The welding type cabinet body is made of section steel and steel plate by bending and welding; the assembled type cabinet body is made of imported aluminum zinc coated steel plate by punching, shearing, bending and forming with CNC equipment, and then assembled with high-strength bolts. The product has the advantages of small volume, large breaking current, convenient installation, operation and maintenance, safe and reliable use, and is a new generation of switchgear in China.

    Rated voltage(kV)


    Rated current(A)


    Rated short circuit breaking current(kA)


    Rated dynamic stability current (peak value)(kA)


    4S thermal stable current(kA)


    Rated insulation level

    One minute power frequency withstand voltage(kV)

    Ground to ground, phase to phase


    Insulating distance


    Lightning impulse withstand voltage(kV)

    Ground to ground, phase to phase


    Insulating distance


    Equipped with circuit breaker

    Vacuum circuit breaker

    SF6 circuit breaker

    FP type(ALSTOM)、LN2series

    Dimensions (W x D x H)(mm)

    1400x2200x2725(Welded type)

    1400x2210x2725(Assembly type)(Notes 1)

    Package size (W x D x H)(mm)

    1720x2380x2870 (Notes 2)

    Weight (circuit breaker cabinet)(kg)

    1700(The handcart weighs 600)

    Protection level


    Notes 1:The width of transformer cabinet used is 1700
    Notes 2:Package size of cabinet used (width x depth x height)(mm)2020X2380X2870



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