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1E KYN44A-12 armored central AC metal enclosed switchgear


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  • Class 1E KYN44A armored central AC metal enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) designed by Ningbo Tian'an (Group) Co., Ltd. is a complete set of 3 ~ 10kV three-phase AC 50 Hz single bus and single bus sectional system power distribution device. It is the basic component unit of class 1E medium voltage power system in nuclear power plant. It will become the operation unit of nuclear power plant to carry out emergency shutdown, core cooling, power supply and so on Containment and reactor heat dissipation, or to prevent significant leakage of radioactive materials or support functions. The switch cabinet meets the requirements of IEC298 and GB3906 According to the requirements of GB 13625, iEEE649, iEEE344, HAF003 and other standards, it has the interlocking function of preventing the circuit breaker handcart from pulling with load, preventing the circuit breaker from being opened by mistake, preventing the circuit breaker from closing when the grounding switch is in the closed position, preventing the circuit breaker from entering the compartment with points by mistake, and preventing the grounding switch from being locked by mistake when it is charged. It is equipped with the VEP vacuum circuit breaker VEC vacuum contactor of Xiamen Huadian switch Co., Ltd A power distribution device with superior performance.

    Product features

    1E KYN44A switchgear is miniaturized armored air insulated switchgear, which can effectively save space

    1E KYN44A switchgear specification series safety, electrical parameters up to the rated current 3150A, rated short circuit breaking current 50kA

    Class 1E KYN44A switchgear is a safe, reliable and widely used switchgear

    1E KYN44A switch cabinet is of central design, equipped with VEP indoor medium voltage fixed vacuum circuit breaker or VEC vacuum contactor fuse combination

    Class 1E KYN44A switchgear has sufficient cable connection space

    1E KYN44A switch cabinet has perfect and reliable five proof locking device

    1E KYN44A switch cabinet can fully realize the operation and maintenance in front of the cabinet, and can be reliably installed on the wall

    1E KYN44A switch cabinet is equipped with quick closing grounding switch with short circuit closing capability

    1E KYN44A switch cabinet and handcart have reliable grounding device






    Vacuum contactor (F-C) cabinet


    The rated current of branch bus is 1250A and above, and the thermal stable current is 50kA and below


    Rated current of branch bus 1600A and above



    Incoming and outgoing cables


    Overhead incoming and outgoing lines



    Vacuum contactor (F-C) cabinet


    Other switchgears




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