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126/2500-40 126KV GIS gas insulated switch gear for power plant and substation

126/2500-40 126KV GIS   gas insulated switch gear for power plant and substation

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  • 126/2500-40 GIS is composed of circuit breaker,disconnector,earth switch,current transformer,voltage transformer,lighting arrester,busbar,incoming & outgoing busing or cable terminal box,ect.Adopted the structure of three-phase-one-enclosure,3-work-position disconnector and full aluminum alloy enclosure,can be used in power plant and substation with 126KV AC electric system,it has advantages of minimal space requirement (width is 0.8m),high reliablility,short installation period and low maintenance workload,etc.Suitable for urban substation that is tight in space,enterprise substations,hydropower plants and heavy pollution area.

    Product features

    • Compact 

    Compact structure,minimal occupation of space,the width is only 0.8m;

    • Flexible

    Standardized and modularized design,flexible layout,suitable for all kinds of users for different connection mode:includes single-busbar,double-busbar,line-transformer,bridge type connection,one and half times circuit breaker wiring,etc.

    • Economic

    All enclosures are made of aluminum alloy,light in weight,convenient to layout in any floor,minimal ground weight bearing.

    • Good environment feature

    Aesthetic appearance and harmonius with the environment,no radiation,non-effective to communication,no pollution,suitable for all kinds of environment conditions.

    • New type circuit breaker and operation mechanism

    Unique"hot expansion room+auxiliary puffer",which can decrease gas resistance pressure,opening speed and lighten weight of moving parts,thereby reduce the operation power and enhance the reliability.

    • 3-work-position combined switch of disconnection(DS) and earthing(ES)

    It can realized three work positions:connecting,disconnecting and earthing,combination of DS & ES can reduce quantity of parts,enhance the reliability,and radically ensure the interlock between disconnector and earthing switch.

    • Modularization

    Busbar 3-work-position DS/ES,combined busbar,DS and ES.Line 3-work-position DS and ES,combined corss junction,DS,ES.The structure can reduce the quantity of parts,therefore improve the reliability.

    • Basin type insulator

    Adopted structure with aluminum outer ring,not only improved the stress on the basin type insulator,prevent electromiagnetic radiation leakage,it also enable to resist the induced voltage outside the enclosure. 

    • Superiorities
    • 1.Whole three-phase-one-enclosure is adopted;gap between bays is only 0.8m;
    • 2.Mechanical interlock of DS and ES is realized by 3-work-position DS/ES,making the structure more reliable.
    • 3.New type aluminum out-ring molded-epoxy-resin insulator  can avoide mechanical stress from applyingon the insulator directly,increase its anti-interferenceability from the ambient,and makes earthing systemmore reliable,and aesthetic.
    • 4.The aluminum alloy enclosure is light in weight,and is of no eddy loss,improves anti-corrosion ability atoutdoor.
    • 5.Switch components equip motor or motor-spring operating mechanism,is of long mechanical operatinglife span,for CB is 10000times. 

    126kV GIS main technical parameters


    General structure of GIS


    Basic components


       DS/ES is a three-phase mechanical linked switch,mechanical operated or manual operated by an electric 

       mechanism.DS-ES 3-work-position is "opening-closing-earthing",turn one position to another by the movement

       of moving contact.

    2.Circuit breaker

       Three-phase-one-enclosure is adopted,share one set of mechanical linkage of spring operating mechanism.


    Using environment



    3.Ambient temperature(℃):-15~+40/-30~+40;

    4.Degree of contamination:IV(31mm/kV);

    5.Wind velocity(m/s):≤34;

    6.Humidity(relative humidity indoor day average≤95%);

    7.Earthquake-proof intensity:artificially synthesized eqrthquake wave 0.25g sine resonance wave 0.15g 



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