Single-phase 10kV oil immersed high-voltage transformer

Single-phase 10kV oil immersed high-voltage transformer

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The iron core of single-phase 10kV oil immersed high-voltage transformer is a single frame and double core column laminated structure, with outer layer spot welding without binding. High quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is selected and cut by high-performance group longitudinal shear line, which effectively controls the burr of silicon steel sheet within 0.02mm; The high and low voltage windings of the transformer are made of high-quality oxygen free copper wire and wound by advanced technology. Due to the selection of new materials, new processes and advanced production equipment, the air and load losses of the transformer are significantly reduced, and the performance and structure are more reliable. It is more suitable for areas with scattered power supply range, especially for the transformation of rural power grid. High voltage 15kV, 13.2kv, 12KV, 11kv and 10kV are transformed into low voltage 400V, 380V, 230V and 230V, It can also be used for remote transmission of voltage boost and step-down power supply. The company can carefully design and customize it according to user requirements.


(1) The noise is 5-10db lower than that of traditional products, and the no-load excitation current decreases by more than 50%.

(2) The transformer adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet, high-temperature enamelled wire winding and other new structures, so that the product has the characteristics of novel structure, small no-load current, strong short-circuit resistance, low loss and high operation reliability.

(3) The product appearance adopts UV resistant paint, with good corrosion resistance and compact structure.


10kV single phase oil immersed transformer structure

10kV single-phase double winding transformer is divided into two parts: left half winding and right half winding. The left half winding is regarded as winding 1 and the right half winding is regarded as winding 2. Each winding is composed of high-voltage winding and low-voltage winding. The structure and parameters of the left half winding (winding 1) and the right half winding (winding 2) are the same, and the high Series parallel connection of low voltage winding.

Technical parameter

Rated capacity: 5 ~ 100kVA

High voltage rated voltage: 10000v (customizable)

High voltage rated current: 1A (capacity 10KVA)

Low voltage rated voltage: 230V (other voltages can be customized, such as 400V / 380V)

Low voltage rated current: 43.5a (capacity 10KVA)

Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz

Number of phases: single phase

Connection group: II0

Impedance voltage: 3.5% (allowable deviation)

Cooling mode: on / an

No load current: 3.5%

No load loss: 0.055kw

Load loss: 0.26kw

Noise level: < 58db

Insulation class: a

Applied withstand voltage: high voltage 35kV, low voltage 5kV

Lightning impulse: 75KV

Temperature rise: coil ≤ 65, oil level ≤ 55, structural member ≤ 80


Product quality assurance and service guarantee of the company:

 Before leaving the factory, each product is fully inspected in strict accordance with the national standard to ensure that the factory pass rate is 100%, and all products are guaranteed for one year( (except for special customer requirements)



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