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11KV 400KVA Distribution Transformer S11-M-400/11-0.4  3phase power transformer 

11KV Distribution Transformer,Oil immersed  
Reference standards-CEI 76-DIN 42511
Place of installation-Outside
Type of transformer-Total filling
Cooling mode-ONAN
Nature of the dielectric- Mineral oil
Winding type MT-Copper wire
BT winding type-Flat copper wire

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  • 11KV 100KVA Distribution Transformer S11-M-100/11-0.4  3phase power transformer 

    Reference standards-CEI 76-DIN 42511
    Place of installation-Outside
    Type of transformer-Total filling
    Cooling mode-ONAN
    Nature of the dielectric- Mineral oil
    Winding type MT-Copper wire
    BT winding type-Flat copper wire                                                                                                                                                
            Rated capacity:100kva 
     3phase 11kv oil immersed transformer      
    Primary winding voltage-11 KV +/- 2 x 2.5% (at No load); 11 KV +/- 2 x 2.5% (at load)
    Voltage Winding Secondary To No-Load-400V
    Highest voltage for hardware-12KV
    Isolation voltage BT ground-10KV                                                                      
          Connection Group: DYN11 

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