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Fully-sealed compact combined substation

ZBW20(JBW)-12 Series Fully-sealed compact combined substation

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  • This series combined substation is a kind of out-door complete set with three phases,50Hz, alternative current of 35kV high voltage side, 0.4-10kV low voltage side. It is widely used in places of city, small town, factory, oil field and wharf, etc. It is also suitable on some large construction site for power transmission and distribution. It features a complete set, small volume, easy installation and operation, low cost, a higher automation, safety running, etc.
    Features: A short erection duration, small occupied area, low investment. Can be moved, low waste. High reliability. Aluminum alloy plate (colorful synthetic plate) enclosure with      well anti-corrosive, long service life characters. And it is lining with insulating material in inner part, which can resist sun heat radiation. Inside of substation there are some eauipment for tem perature dropping and anti-condensation. Some automation facilities could be equipped. Can be equipped with all kinds of communication equi pment.

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