YBT13 Series PV and Wind Power Special Substation is researched by our company in order to meet the demand of wind power and photovoltaic generation, The product has novel appearance, compact structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance, etc.

40.5kv electrical substation transformer design for solar generator plant combined transformers substation PV and Wind Power Special Substation

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1. Enclosure Structure

a. The frame of substation is made of channel steel and angle steel, it is tough enough mechanically and rigidly.

b. Materials of the enclosure can be cold rolled steel plate, stainless steel plate, composite color plate or aluminum alloy plate.

c. Steel plates are used to isolate each bay, and lighting device has provided in the substation.

d. The roof is double-decked structure, which can prevent the heat radiation effectively.

e. Transformer room is divided into open type and closed type .The radiator of transformer is located outdoor for the open structure, which can utilize natural wind to dissipate heat effectively. While the transformer for closed type structure has a separate room where an automatic air exhausting device is provided to control the temperature in transformer room.

f. Housing doors of substation use low temperature type sealing strip which can achieve good sealing effect under low temperature environment.

g. The paint on the surface of the substation is dealt with baking varnish in high temperature so that it can delay the degradation arising from ultraviolet ray effectively.

h. The enclosure can be painted in many colors to coordinate with ambient environment.

2. HV Unit

a. HXGT16-40.5, XGT5-40.5 and HXGT10-40.5 switchgears  are provided in HV room with compact structure, easy combination. The user can make various combinations at their requests.

b. HXGT16-40.5 switchgear equipped with FT16-40.5R type load switch-fuse combined switch for wind power and photovoltaic power generation. The switchgear has the advantages of small volume, compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, safety in use.

c. XGT5-40.5 switchgear equipped with VT16-40.5 circuit breaker, has high breaking capacity, compact structure, superior performance, high reliability.

d. The switchgear has the complete function for prevention of misoperation to ensure safety of operation and maintenance.

3. Transformer Unit

a. Transformer uses S11 type oil-immersed transformer with low loss or SCB11 type dry type transformer.

b. The transformer has the advantages of small volume, convenient maintenance.

c. Natural ventilation is good in transformer room or the temperature in transformer room can be lowered through the exhaustion of the wind with automatic control fan.

d. Soft connection is used between terminals on LV side and busbar, which can effectively protect LV bushing of the transformer from crush and oil leakage.  

4. LV Unit

a. LV switchgear uses TANW1 series smart CB and TANM1 series MCCB, or the CB produced by designated manufacturer at customers’ request.

b. Curtained scheme can be designed according to the user’s requirements.

5. Distribution Network Automation unit

a. Automatic terminal equipment is TA-D20 type , its design has been optimized after taking severe environment for the operation of wind power substation into consideration.

b. The product has strong ability to adapt the ambient temperature, communication function of dual fiber optic ring network, the strong ability of anti-interference, shockproof, moisture proof and anti-thunder, as well as low power loss.

c. The product has the functions of measurement control, non-battery protection, and data processing, monitoring alarms and abnormity detection and communication.

6. Uninterruptible Power Supply special for the power

a. Substation is installed TA-UP01/TA-UP02 uninterruptible power supply special for wind power produced by Tianan Group.

b. The product has strong ability to adapt the environment, resist shock and interference, and wide range of stabilivolt.

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